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Charlie Murder OST 1234

Wikia 1234

1234 is a song by the band Charlie Murder. It plays during the flashback where the whole band was drunk in a five-star hotel.


1234 is the most chaotic song Charlie Murder has ever produced. Everyone can be heard singing in the song, with Kelly being the main vocals that begins the song.



In a strange place,
I can’t even remember what happened tonight.

I’m leaving it!
I don’t want to be here in this f____in city

[Kelly and Charlie]: In this house screw the rules here we go 1234!


Come on you three let’s give them a show!
[Band]: Yeah, 1234!

Never stop come on let’s go!
[Band]: Yeah, 1234!

Eat some crap and nothing more!
[Band]: Yeah, 1234!

Yeah, 1234!
[All]: Yeah, 1234!


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