A friend

a text from 'a friend'

'a friend' is a mysterious entity that texts the player through Trollmail throughout the game.


All of 'a friend's text messages are in spelt lower caps so none of his messages are properly capitalized. The identity of "a friend" is revealed to be The Angel of Chaos later in the good ending path.

List of Texts from a friendEdit

  • the prodigals return – “you are a phoenix.”
  • the king is crushed“your progress has been noted.”
  • the battle“more than your pride is at stake.”
  • the countess flees“her army is routed.
  • the demon’s defeat“be careful, the hollow lord is a trickster.”
    • Before fighting Phantom Paul
  • the shame of the phoenix – “the hollow lord deceives you.
    • After defeating Phantom Paul
  • the sower defeated – “your dishonor was his profit. he matters not.”
  • the spectre destroyed – “the witch and her dolls are vanquished.”
  • the race – “race against the counterfeit kings the world needs your victory.”
  • a grief-stricken king – “the king grieves for the lady, but for whom does the lady grieve?
    • Before fighting the King and the Countess
  • worms in the harvest – “roadies turn rotten much the same as fruit: through pestilence.”
  • fuel the flames – “fire may cleanse, yet your name was sullied by blood and flame.”
  • by the way – “I am not your friend.”
  • the gates open – “you sought redemption, but your journey leads only to me.”
  • my children – “your kind father awaits.
    • Approaching the Angel of Chaos


  • 'A Friend' will not message you again if you already have all his texts which would most likely be the case if you have cleared the game once since all his texts are obtained through the story path.