Art Street is the first real level of the game. It is the second location in the world map after the Netherlands.


After the player's brief stay in the Netherlands, they will find their character suddenly ascending upwards acompanied with white light and the sound of a chior at the background.

  • You see your Character is getting revived by a paramedic.
  • The first glimpse of Gore Quaffer though not yet revealed.
  • Art Street Cinema can be found just a little after beating the Boss Monster.
  • Consists of Art Street, the Bar and the Bullet Hell Hall.




  • You can actually spot a Proto Coffee Shop at the background of the first area of Art Street just as its radio commercial claims
  • You can get the relic Car Battery by taking a picture of the hood of the car that crashes to the electric pole in the first area of the game with your camera. The relic Magnifying Glass will not help find it.

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