The Backpack is where the player's inventory can be found. It can be accessed by pressing the left arrow button.


Every character has a (green) backpack icon. It will initally have 50 slots for the player. This can be upgraded with the backpack upgrade on the Releveler App which is available the first time the player levels up. The backpack has six categories, seven if the Anar-chi section is included. These are:

  • Consumables (Food, Beer, CDs, Pets, etc.)
  • Shirts
  • Hats
  • Gloves
  • Miscellaneous (Barley, Yeast, Cosmetics, Props)
  • Relics

Only items under the Miscellaneous and Relics sections can hold more than one type of item yet still count as one space slot on the backpack. Items in the consumables, shirts, hats, and gloves section will take up more than one space slot when there are two of the same type.


  • In the bad ending, when Charlie and Paul are in middle school, it's interesting to note that the backpack Charlie has in school is green, just like the icon.

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