Charlie Murder (Left.) Gore Quaffer (Right.)

There are 2 main bands in Charlie Murder. Additionally there are three alternate band styles, each with it's own unique classes for the Charlie Murder band, and finally there's one average band that can be seen in Bullet Hell Hall.

Charlie MurderEdit

Charlie Murder is the main protagonists band and the one you start out with.

They are:

  • Charlie - Main Vocalist
  • Kelly - Tambourine Player, Backup Vocalist, Trumpeteer
  • Lester - Lead Gutarist
  • Tommy - Bassist
  • Rex - Drummer

Gore QuafferEdit

Gore Quaffer is the main antagonist's band.

They are:

The Other Charlie (Ice Band)Edit

The other charlie

The Other Charlie wallpaper

The band unlocked after defeating the Twin Scenelords on Normal mode and entering the Sceniverse.

The members are:

  • Ser Charl - Ranger and vocalist, Charl summons ancient creatures to his side.
  • Kell of the Frosty Mists - Enchantress and backup vocalist, Kell poisons the minds of her enemies.
  • Cold King Lestin - Lich and lead guitarist, Lestin’s elemental spells summon ice and corrosion.
  • Tomman Feathercrest - Icemonk and bassist, Tomman’s incantations bolster the band’s resolve.
  • Rex Harl Krug - Yeti and drummer, Rex’s storms strip flesh from bone.

Emo BandEdit

The band unlocked after defeating the Twin Scenelords on Chaos

Halloween BandEdit

The band unlocked after defeating the Twin Scenelords on Total Anarchy

Bullet Hell Hall BandEdit

The band encountered by the player in the Bullet Hell Hall that seemingly don't mind playing music as the player goes toe-to-toe with ninjas, zombies and a viking king in front of them.

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