Beautiful Queenie

Beautiful Queenie is the optional boss encountered in Hermit's Refuge Cave. She holds Smockula's eye.


Beautiful Queenie is a giant spider. She will appear only if the player destroys all of her egg sacks at the end of Hermit's Refuge Cave.


Beautiful Queenie will be a formidable opponent if the player doesn't make use of fire, which is her most salient weakness as it makes her flinch on every hit from the element. Having fire-endowed gloves will prove to be useful, but the best way to make sure she doesn't get back on her feet is to use the flamethrowers on the left side of the battlefield. The player can easily get 20 hit combos with the flamethrower multiple times. Use team-up every time the need arises after searing the giant spider with the flamethrowers and flare guns and you will obliterate the queen.

Notes Edit

  • Beautiful Queenie is the only holder of Smockula's pieces that does not respawn upon revisiting the area.