Below is a table outlining the different beers you can brew using the various yeasts, barleys, and malts. Enemies and props drop the various yeasts, barleys, and malts

Barley Malt Wort Yeast Beer Name Strength Defense Speed Anar-Chi
Gold White Rich Lager Brainy Dopplebock +10%
Gold White Rich Ale Phantom Pale Ale +10%
Gold Aged Bitter Lager Unhinged Pilsner +3% +1% +6%
Gold Aged Bitter Ale Mermer Witbier +3% +2% +3% +2%
Red White Sweet Lager Sunken Dunkel +2% +1% +3% +2%
Red White Sweet Ale Dark Throne Stout +10%
Red Aged Red Lager Winged Red Lager +2% +2% +3% +1%
Red Aged Red Ale Stone Red Ale +10%


  • Just like any consumable item, the effect of the crafted beer cannot surpass the stat limit of the level the player is in.

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