Camp Falconbats is an optional location you'll pass by on your way from Hermit's Refuge Cave to Peaceful Oaks Asylum for Lunatics. It is where you fight the Brainstem boss, the holder of Smockula's Liver, and probably the oddest level in the whole game.


  • Entrance has wooden sign spelling "CAMP FALCONBATS", a world map, and a"collect his pieces" graffiti like any other one of Smockula's Locations
  • You can easily skip this place on your way to the Asylum since it's not even an obstacle
  • Once you enter, you'll find a pill lying on a picnic table for every player, next to the tables is a tent and your regular camp stuff
  • You can't continue to the next area without taking the pills
  • once you enter the next area, the band is already hallucinating: Your jump's higher, you always hold a chainsaw or a shotgun, you have acid on(?)
  • You see a massacre of hippies with only one traumatized survivor who tries to run away upon seeing you, he accidentally trips impaling his head on a something that was sticking out of the ground. This leads us to the idea that the band did all this while they were hallucinating.
  • You can’t do much, but there are some anar-chis that could still work on the surviving hippie, he’s not yet dead (Charlie’s mind control, Tommy’s acid rain, I’m sure there are some more)
  • Head back to the entrance (or exit , now) and you’ll get your liver.
  • This stage can be repeated.