Guns are a type of weapon in Charlie Murder


Guns are anything in Charlie Murder that holds ammo. Technically even hardware materials such as the nail gun or the long-range weapon the crossbow are considered guns given the definition. However, not all items listed below will appear when the player summons the magic gun bag.

List of GunsEdit

Here is the list of guns in the game with how many shots you can fire, range, rate of fire, damage per shot, and special attribute if applicable.

Gun Image Ammo Range Rate DPS Extra
Pistol 17 rounds close-mid fast low N/A
7 shots (12 per shot) close slow strong spread (close)
Assault Rifle 20 shots (60) all round moderate moderate N/A
Crossbow 8 bolts mid-long slow moderate bleed
Nail Gun 25 shots close-mid very fast low bleed
Flamethrower 18 shots (90?) close very fast very low fire
Flare Gun 6 shots mid-long fast low fire
SMG 20 shots(?) close-mid very fast low N/A
RPG 5 rockets mid-long very slow very high


Harpoon gun 9 harpoons close-mid very slow moderate Bleed
Sniper Rifle 10 shots mid-long moderate moderate N/A


  • The sniper rifle seems to rarely miss, even if the enemy is really far away
  • Bullets have travel time
  • The firepower of every gun gets stronger as the player grows stronger
  • Despite being a one handed weapon, the SMG is not applicable in Charlie's Akimbo Guns upgrade.


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