Charlie Murder OST Charlie Murderin'01:46

Charlie Murder OST Charlie Murderin'

Charlie Murderin
Charlie Murderin' is a song made by guest artist, Chainsaw


This song plays in the Proto Coffee cafe next to Mallrus Shopping World. This song is very upbeat and mellow, in contrast with most other soundtracks played in the game, this song's main instrument is the ukelele with the vocals of .


So my friend James asked me to write him a song
For him to put in his game for you to sing along
If you want to
But only if you want to
So I obliged
I mean why shouldn't I
It's a really cool game and he's a pretty nice guy
So here's my song

I hope you sing along

Here's to Charlie Murder
It's a really cool game
While you're wailing on stuff
You're earning your fame

You rock out while you knock out all these bad guys
Who are down for the count

In Charlie
Charlie Murder
(X 4)

Charlie Murder



  • The 'James' mentioned in the song is refering to James Silva, the Lead Dishwasher of Ska Studios.

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