Circe Bathory
"The king grieves for the lady, but for whom does the lady grieve?"
— 'a friend'

Circe Bathory is a band member of Gore Quaffer, and is one of the bosses encountered in the story of Charlie Murder. Her role in her band is that of a Bass player. Literally. It's an actual Bass violin, rather than a bass guitar.

She seems to be in a relationship with King Tepes, who was similarly named after a prolific real life historical figure known for his vicious cruelty.

Circe meets her death at the hands of Lord Mortimer after she refuses to finish off the members of Charlie Murder after she brutally electrocutes them during the "Battle of the Bands". The reason she spares their lives is never explicitly stated. She only utters a pictogram of a heart, implying some sort of love for them. Which is odd considering she tried to kill the players in her previous two boss fights with them.

Circe can also be seen hovering over a stone fort in the background at one point during the Gorcastle Parks stage.


You will first encounter her in St. Sander's Cemetery. Circe Bathory's main form of attack is electricity, so obviously clothing with thunder resistance can aid greatly in the fight against her. She hovers in the air, but this hardly requires the fight to be full of air combos. She has a move where she envelops herself in electricty which makes her invulnerable to basic attacks. The enemies that accompany her are zombies and witches. She doesn't require to be finished off unlike some of the lesser bosses since she is in fact one of the main antagonists in the game.

She will be encountered once more in a later part of the game along with King Tepes. The two working together in tandem will prove to be a very difficult fight. Make the most out of the gas tanks and red barrels all over the area to drop their health down considerably. There's a case full of pistols in the fight so use that to your advantage. During this fight, Circe is the only one that can be taken down.


Circe's name is most likely based off of the real life Countess Elizabeth Báthory de Ecsed of Hungary, the most prolific female serial killer in known history.

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