Clothes shop

Shop featuring hats, gloves, shirts and dyes

Clothes in Charlie Murder are equippable items that grant stat bonuses and extra abilities to the player. These come in the form of shirts, hats, and gloves.


Generally, there are three ways to get clothes in the game

  • Random drops after taking down some enemies
  • You can buy them in shops
  • You can get them in golden chests

Each type of clothing, shirt, hat, and glove, grant specific stats and extra abilities exclusive to that category. For instance, only shirts can give the player elemental resistance such as thunder resist and fire resist, while only gloves can give the player rapid jabs and shockwave slams.

All shirts, gloves and hats in game can be made invisible. (i.e. the player will not wear the clothes, but still have all the stat bonuses recieved from the item.)

Early in the game clothes will begin to have skill requirements, preventing players with insufficient stats to wear the item. Either level up or simply consume the appropriate food or drink to reach the requirement.


  • It doesn't seem to matter how higher the stats of one piece of clothing is compared to another when it comes to prices; The cheaper hat might actually be more handier than an expensive one. The same applies to selling items.

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