Countering is one of the general fighting moves obtainable via releveler on the player's phone. It can be gotten as early as when the player first level's up.


Countering can be done by blocking an enemy's attack just when it's about to hit you. When done successfully, the game will slow down as it prompts you to either press X or Y to unleash the character's Initial Anar-Chi and secondary Anar-chi respectively. Initial and secondary Anar-chi are already set by the game.

This can be a very useful move when mastered. Anar-chi used in countering requires almost no cooldown and can be used again. And it's also a way to input a 'fifth' or even 'sixth' anar-chi move since initial and secondary Anar-chi are already set in stone; you can have four different anar-chi moves already set + the two counter anar-chi initial and secondary.

Counters can be used against normal attacks, bullets, thrown objects, other counters, explosions, and other players' Anar-Chi. However, they cannot be used against grabs.

List of Character's Initial and Secondary Anar-Chi CountersEdit

Charlie MurderEdit

  • Vocal Blast - Unleash a cone of vocal pain.
  • Poison Vocals - Unleash a poisonous vocal blast.

Lester Deth Edit

  • Burning Riff - Fire off an incindiary lick.
  • Electric Riff - Blast an arc of electricity.

Tommy Homicide Edit

  • Bass Buzzsaw - Fire off a nasty buzzsaw.
  • Acid Buzzsaw - Fire off an acid coated buzzsaw.

Rex Edit

  • Garbage Barrage - Blast out a bunch of damaging garbage.
  • S.H.A.R.P.S - Semi Harmful Array of Random Pointy Stuff.

Kelly Skitten Edit

  • Siren Smash - Unleash a cone of vocal pain.
  • Safety Shield - Surround yourself with a shield of pins.