Lester's demons

(right to left) Lester's imp, underling and goliath demons

Demons are a varying category of enemy found in specific locations in the game.


When first starting the game in the Netherlands, the player will have to fight some lanky demons before being pulled back into consciousness and waking up in Art Street.

As the player progresses, they will come across certain Necromancers and Satanists that possess the ability to summon Imps.


While all types of demons are different, There are a few similarities, the obvious one being that all demons are a shade of red, and that they all have horns growing from their heads.


Underling DemonEdit

Demon underling
Similar to Lester's Anar-Chi skill, an Underling is a lanky demon, seen in the beginning of the game in the Netherlands. These demons fight with punches and fiery breath.

Imp DemonEdit

A short, horned demon that emphasizes speed over offence and defence. While not particularly dangerous when facing an Imp one-on-one, having to face multiple can prevent the player from moving while taking a barrage of punches. These can be summoned by players using Lester, as well as by Necromancers or Satanists. Later though the game, winged imps are seen pouring gasoline over a crowd enjoying a Charlie Murder concert in The Fall Nightclub while the band was playing the song For Yr Pain. Soon after, it is revealed that they were being directed by Gore Quaffer.

Goliath DemonEdit

Goliath Demons are Heavy Enemies, so they can't be grabbed by the player. They attack with clubs and do not show up if you play Normal mode with only a single player.

Armored DemonsEdit

Armored Demons only appear in the deep Netherlands on your way to the Angel of Chaos in the good ending path. Armored Demons can also come in different varieties, one bearing characterisics with a stout zombie, and the other being a medium sized enemy only Rex can grab. Both types would usually use weapons such as throwing knives and maces.