Direblade Plaza
Basic Information
Shops PVP Arena


The Forbidden Quill

Connects to: Direblade Sewers

Apartment 51 Witt's Oakyard The Forbidden Quill

Inhabitants Direblade Sewers
  • Rats
Bosses The Chained Monstrosity
Direblade Plaza is a shopping location at the far right of Quetzacostl (Witt's Oakyard).

Description and SpecialtiesEdit

Since Direblade Plaza is a shopping location, there are no roaming enemies to be found here. It has a lot of stores and services it can provide. Such as a PvP Arena, BogoMart, The Forbidden Quill, and Apartment 51, an apartment found in the furthest right of the Plaza the player can use to store props collected by the Silver Hammer.

In Direblade, you can get Smockula's Tooth by defeating The Chained Monstrosity in its sewers, which you can access by entering a manhole at the right of the Plaza.


  • PvP Arena - A place wherein a player can fight the other players he/she is playing with.
  • BogoMart - A shop that sells mainly health restoring food for the player, this BogoMart also sells a Diamond Scale for $10.
  • The Forbidden Quill - An Ink shop mandatory to obtaining all of your tattoos.


  • Silver Hammer - Can be obtained by taking a picture of the hammer photo in your room in Apartment 51.
  • Diamond Scale - Can be obtained by buying it in the BogoMart for $10.

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