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Charlie Murder OST For Yr Pain

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For Yr Pain is a song by Charlie Murder. It is played by the band in the Fall, as seen in the final in-game flashback of the game.


For Yr Pain is the last song Charlie Murder sung before the Fall. The reason for that is that it is in their fateful concert with the song when Lord Mortimer sent out flying imps to douse Charlie's fans in gasoline. The concert's pyrotechnics by the end of the song were the ones that lit the fans on fire.

This song is very recent prior to the events of the game as it is evident that everyone looks exactly the same as they did when they get revived by paramedics. Also interestingly, Kelly plays the trumpet in this song rather than the tambourine in I Vote 4 Chaos and Mnemonic Atomic.


Welcome to my game
I put zombies in it for your pain

They come shambling out from the sides

You better shoot them
or you're gonna die

Cuz I made a game with zombies in it
I made a game with zombies in it
I made a game with zombies in it

Yeah yea Yeah yea Yeah yea Yeah yea


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