This article refers to the general Gor'Castle locations in the game.
Basic Information
Connects to: Gor'Castle Parks

Gor'Castle Giftshop Gor'Castle Ink 4 Kidz Gor'Castle Summit Gor'Castle Parks Exit Piraten Base

Inhabitants Ninjas

Witches Rats Zombies Boss Monsters

Bosses Beelzebaal

Phantom Paul The Loneliest Cyst

Mad Scientist

Gor'Castle is the generalization of the locations from Gor'Castle Parks to Gor'Castle Parks Exit in the world map.


Gor'Castle is an amusement park which the members of Gore Quaffer treat as their base, or home. You can tell it is an amusement park because of its location names in the world map such as "Gor'Castle Parks," or "Gor'Castle Giftshop." More evidence of this is shown as you play through it, such as the witches working on cashiers at the entrance, or the boat ride show presenting Paul's side of the story. Other than that, roller coasters and children shouting with thrill can be seen and heard in the background.

In Gor'Castle Parks, there is a boat scene there showing Paul's side of the story and a short version of why he chose to be Lord Mortimer, which adds a lot to the narrative of the game. You can't move during this scene but you can skip it by pressing X.




Gor'Castle GiftshopEdit

  • Gor'Castle Ink 4 Kidz - An Ink shop mandatory to getting all tattoos.



  • It's possible that Paul has no hard feelings for Kelly since in the boat scene, all the members of Charlie's band was branded with derogatory terms such as 'thief' or 'traitor' except for Kelly.
  • Circe Bathory can be seen standing on top of a building in the background of one of the areas.

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