Grace Chapel is a location in the world of Charlie Murder. It is where Paul Bitterman finally succumbed to his envy and angst, turning him into Lord Mortimer.


Grace Chapel seems to be a massive Church with a large holy statue at the altar where all the pews are faced to. The exterior of the church is never shown.


Paul enters the Chapel after the hotel flashback, seeking answers for his depressing fate. He stumbles at the foot of the statue at the altar of the Chapel. An ominous scythe -- which is seen previously in his hands as Lord Mortimer -- rises from below the ground and commands Paul to take hold of it. Paul angrily grabs the scythe and thrusts it into the gem of the statue. The statue bleeds profusely, and from its blood Paul Bitterman rises anew as Lord Mortimer. King Tepes, Circe Bathory, and Beelzebaal then come to his side, signifying the founding of the band Gore Quaffer.


Paul Bitterman becomes playable for a short while when Grace Chapel appears in game. The player can move the saddened Paul left and right, in which he will walk groggily in the direction the player leads him to. The player cannot exit the Chapel. He will stumble onto his knees and hands once the player has reached the statue at the far right. The player must press the X button for Paul to take the scythe.


  • Grace Chapel is a place the player cannot get to voluntarily as it only appears in a flashback similar to the Hotel Room in the previous flashback.

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