Hats in Charlie Murder are pieces of clothing that are worn on the character's head. Equipping hats gives the player specific stat boosts and extra abilities just like shirts and gloves

List of Stats and Abilities grantedEdit

All hats give the player Anar-chi and Defense boosts, aside from these, the player may also receive:

  • Knockback: send your targets farther through the air on knockdown
  • Cooldown: increases the rate at which your anar-chi slots cooldown (recharge)
  • Stun: Increases chance of randomly stunning an enemy. Stunned enemies can not move nor attack
  • Crit: increases chance of critical hits. Successful crits tack on elemental damage (if applicable) and do increased damage
  • Food Power: Increase healing from all the food eaten


  • Glasses such as the shades and Ray Duns are considered hats as well.
  • What's listed down are perks that solely belong to hats. There are certain attributes that apparently can be embedded in any of the three clothing types which are not listed here.

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