Red Heart

A red heart. The most common of all hearts

Hearts are temporary pick ups dropped by enemies. Unlike food and drinks (And Pets.) their effect activates upon coming into contact with it.


Hearts are floating, animated pick ups that pop up after defeating/damaging enemies enough. There are three types of hearts:

  • Red: Health pickup. Restores health.
  • Blue: Anar-chi pickup. Restores Anar-chi
  • Black: Offensive pickup. Curses multiple enemies on screen. Cursed foes die almost immediately due to eternal soul destruction.


  • The red and blue hearts go through an animation cycle that shows a smiling face, and an angry one.
  • The black heart doesn't seem to smile.
  • The red heart restores between 5 and 20 percent of a player's health, depending on which band member was chosen, and what level they are.

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