Infested roadie

The Infested Roadie

"Roadies go bad the same way fruit does: Through pestilence."

- The Angel of Chaos

The Infested Roadie is a boss that is fought twice in the game, and once in a minigame. He is encountered in the road travelling from Witt's Oak Yard to Direblade Plaza.


You first see him in the area after you battle the Countess and the King at Witt's Oak Yard. He is shown as a well built, bearded trucker wearing wearing a white wifebeater undershirt and a blue and white trucker cap sitting inside a large, immobile cargo truck. In front of the truck you will find shopping carts which each of the players can ride on, once everyone has boarded one, the shopping cart minigame immediately begin with the Roadie trying to run his truck over your party. At the end of the minigame the truck smashes into a large pile of bricks, throwing the Roadie through the windshield. He will fight with the band for a little bit untill he takes enough damage, after which he briefly retreats.

His second appearance happens on your third encounter with him. This is when he is actually introduced with the boss banner at the end of the stage. The battle would start with him looking normal, but as it goes on, a giant caterpillar monster will sprout from his back upwards, this then makes sense of his title.