This page lists all achievements in Charlie Murder.

General InformationEdit

The game Charlie Murder, only available in Xbox Live Arcade, includes 30 achievements which score a total of 400 points. Below is the list of achievements having eighteen achievements scoring 10 points, four scoring 15, and eight scoring 20.

List of AchievementsEdit

Name Requirement Achievement points Image
I Brought Down a Giant Defeat the Boss Monster 10
I brough down a giant
I Collected a Being Accumulate Smockula's body 10
I collected a being
I Cut the Supply Chain Defeat the Infested Roadie 10
I cut the supply chain
I Demolished You With the 80's Crush an enemy beneath an arcade machine 10
I demolished you with the 80's
I Earned an Organ Defeat the Gory Mound 10
I earned an organ
I Got a Tattoo Get your first tattoo! You look great. 10
I got a tattoo
I Have an Army Unlock an Alternate Band from the Sceniverse 10
I have an army
I Like it Better This Way Dye some clothes. How does that look? 10
I like it better this way
I Made a Garden of Skulls Make a cluster of five Healing Totems 10
I made a garden of skulls
I Removed a Stain Defeat the Lady in Tatters 10
I removed a stain
I'll Give Birth to a King Eat a heart while in female form 10
I'll give birth to a king
I'm a Brewmaster Craft a Beer 10
I'm a brewmaster
I'm a Knife-Wielding Lunatic Severe some limbs while dual-wielding machetes 10
I'm a knife-wielding lunatic
I'm a Reverse Repairman Defeat the Wretched Electronics 10
I'm a reverse repairman
I'm a Uniter Host a team attack, join a team attack 10
I'm a uniter
I'm an Exorcist Defeat Beelzebaal 10
I'm an Exorcist
I'm Cemetery Go Go Go Defeat Circe Bathory in St. Sander's Cemetery 10
I'm a cemetery go go go
I'm the Hunter Defeat Vlad the Eternally Cold 10
I'm the hunter
I Can Destroy the World Get the bad ending 15
I can destroy the world
I Fixed Your Heart Resuscitate a downed bandmate 15
I fixed your heart
I Melt Your Face a Thousand Ways Poison, burn, melt, shock, explode and shatter your foes 15
I melt your face a thousand ways
I Steal Your Soul Rob 7 Enemies of their souls 15
I steal your soul
I Battled a Ghost Defeat Lord Mortimer's phantom 20
I battled a ghost
I Can Save the World Get the good ending 20
I can save the world
I Gave Them a Show Defeat King Tepes 20
Defeat king tepes
I'm a Serious Musician Get 100% on any music minigame part 20
I'm a serious musician
I'm All Inked Up Get ALL tattoos. Now you're a mage 20
I'm all inked up
I'm All Sorts of Famous Get the good ending (Total Anarchy playthrough) 20
I'm all sorts of famous
I'm the King of Rock and Roll Get the good ending (Chaos playthrough) 20
I'm the king of rock and roll
I'm Thorough Find all relics 20
I'm thorough


  • There were supposed to be 55 relics required into getting the I'm Thorough achievement, however, due to technical difficulties was impossible, so Ska Studios made this update which allowed the last relic, the Jeweled Cross, to drop and made the required relics in getting the achievement to only 54 so players who has the other relics would get the achievement the next time they play.

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