The Ninja Bus is exactly what it says; A bus full of ninjas. It is unavoidable, and can be found after O'Flanagan's Alley, and before St. Sander's Cemetery.

Player's Vehicles and Skills: Edit

The player's Skills don't change depending on the character chosen. An infinite plethora of items can be thrown with X, and a stomp can be performed with Y. While difficult to time correctly, the stomp can be a one-hit kill on low level enemies.

Walkthrough Edit

In order to reach this special boss, the character must drive their character's car to a certain point on the highway. Each band member will have a different Vehicle and will be different still, depending on what class is being used.

There will be two mini goals before being able to face against the boss. For the first one, the player will be driving out of the Alley while killing zombies on their vehicles, as well as driving through barricades of scrapped cars. The second goal is the same, except the scene is now on the highway. Zombies will pass through the screen even quicker. Ninjas on motorcycles will start driving in, in front of the Character chosen, and behind. They will slash with katanas, but are easily taken out by thrown objects. The player knows when each goal has been met by a slight stop-motion.

The Ninja Bus is a yellow school bus with a pair of ninjas sticking out a pair of windows. No driver can be seen. The ninjas will be throwing shurikens at random, which can strike the player immobile for a moment. The bus will take damage from thrown objects, or if the player rams into the bus with their own vehicle. This causes damage to both the player and the boss. Hugging either wall could be a useful tactic to avoid being hit, but it could also lead to not being able to avoid an attack.

Notes Edit

  • The bus accounts for approximately 25 kills for the total number.
  • While it is able to be used as a crutch in Normal, Ramming is extremely risky in Chaos and Total Anarchy.
  • A recommended tactic is to slide across the screen vertically while throwing things when the ninjas pause.