Ninjas are one of the low-level enemy types in charlie murder. They appear in nearly all levels of the game.


Ninjas will first appear in the bar of Art Street Cinema, then they will make an appearance in many more areas of the game. They either have blue or red colored headbands and belts but that does not affect how they fight as both types of ninjas have the same moves. These moves are:

  • Throw either shurikens or throwing knives at the player (the latter can be picked up)
  • Counter attacks by the player (ninjas can counter bullets and Anar-Chi)
  • Use smoke to pop somewhere else in the room

The player will know when the ninja is ready to counter by looking at his stance. If the ninja's hands are up and he's not moving as much as he could. Countering the ninja's counter proves to be difficult.

Some ninjas will enter the screen wielding katanas.

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