Peaceful Oaks Asylum for Lunatics
Basic Information
Shops Brew Station


Connects to: Camp Falconbats

Witt's Oakyard (one-way)

Inhabitants Rats

Wrapped Ninjas Nurse Zombies Acid Zombies Phantoms/Dolls

Bosses The Shambling Lunatic

The Lady in Tatters

Peaceful Oaks Asylum for Lunatics is an asylum found next to Camp Falconbats.


Once you've past the entrance of Camp Falconbats you will find yourself at Peaceful Oaks Asylum for Lunatics (as dictated by a sign in the background). Before entering the main institution, however, you need to defeat the Shambling Lunatic, who will appear once you are near enough to the entrance.

After defeating the Shambling Lunatic you can now enter the asylum. In the first area of the asylum, there will be a brew station and a shop you can buy all sorts of items from.



  • Rats
  • Wrapped Ninjas
  • Acid Zombies
  • Nurse Zombies
  • Phantoms/Dolls (The Lady in Tatters' minions)


  • The Shambling Lunatic - fought near the entrance of the aylum
  • The Lady in Tatters - fought near the exit of the asylum


  • Brew Station - Found in the first area of the asylum. The player can use the brew station to brew different types of beer to increase their stats.
  • Shop - Found in the first area of the asylum. This shop has signs of food, clothes, and even pets on its front, and sells all of three. Oddly, this shop is run by one of the memebers of the Bullet Hell Hall Band found in Art Street.


  • Epic Mixtape - Can be obtained by taking a picture of the black tape cassete on the floor near the entrance in the asylum.
  • Crystal Syringe - Can be obtained by taking a picture of the lone syringe on the ground inside the torture room


  • All the torture devices the Charlie Murder members have to go through are references to the horror film, Saw.

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