Phones all out

Everyone in the BETA of the game checking their phones

The phone is Ska Studios' modern twist in checking your stats throughout the game. It is designed like a Windows Phone 8 and can be accessed using the d-pad when there are no near by enemies. There are 4 apps you can open depending on which direction you press.


Trollmail is accessed by pressing right in the d-pad. Trollmail lets the player see the text messages your character has recieved.

All playable characters recieve messages from:

  • Trollmail - the first message you get in the game welcoming you to their site and giving a brief explaination on its use.
  • 'a friend' - a mysterious entity that texts you short messages throughout the game. In getting the good ending, he is later revealed to be the Angel of Chaos.
  • Clotheless - a company that texts you lengthy explainations on how clothes work in the game.
  • Expert Thurgood - an expert from Techniques Time Inc. that messages you every time you select a new skill from your Releveler account explaining how to use it.

Other than that, each character has their own unique text mate. These are:


Squiddle can be accessed by pressing up on the d-pad. Squiddle is a parody on the social networking site Twitter. This app shows the player how many followers (EXP) the player has and how much more is required to level up. Followers are obtained by defeating enemies and by snapping blue bordered QR Codes with your camera.


Releveler can be accessed by pressing left on the d-pad. Once the player has accumulated enough followers on their account, they can access the Releveler to level up and increase their stats. Every other level will allow the player to pick a new skill, which will immediately be explained by Dr. Thurgood through Trollmail.

Skills that every character can obtain are:

  • Backpack - increases your inventory
  • Relics - increases relic slots
  • Heart Rip (lvl 20) - Grab a weakened enemy and press B to eat their heart
  • Counter - Block at the right time and press X to unleash your initial Anar-Chi
  • Cranium Stomp - Press X on a down weakened enemy to crush its skull with your boot
  • Overdrive  - Hold Y, charge, and release to have your character unleash a flurry of blows on the target


Camera is accessed by pressing down on the d-pad. The camera is used to snap photos of QR Codes and peculiar environment to obtain photograph relics. Unfortunately, the camera does not save any pictures.


  • James Silva, the Lead Dishwasher of Ska Studios, decided the phone model, Windows 8 phone, all on their own accord.
  • You can stay on your phone when near an enemy if you've already turned it on before the enemy appears on screen. Staying on your phone, however, leaves you vulnerable to all enemy attacks.

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