A hidden QR Code in the bar fight. (Purple arrow points to it)

QR Codes are snappable images scattered all over the game. Taking a picture of a QR code with your camera nets the player free items.


QR Codes in the game look a lot like they do in real life: black and white pixels arranged to form a large black and white square. The player will find these on tiny slips of paper taped to the walls and floors of the many areas in the game.

There are three types of QR codes:

  • Brown bordered QR code: nets the player a random piece of gear
  • Blue bordered QR code: nets the player some followers
  • Green bordered QR code: nets the player free cash.


  • In red goop, under a car in the first area of Art Street
  • Taped on a firehydrent behind a police car and the left suitcase of grenades near Art Street Cinema
  • Taped on the wall of the bar in Art Street


  • Some QR codes aren't QR codes at all; Instead they have images of the item you'll get.
  • Once you captured the picture of a QR Code, you can not retrieve that item again.

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