Basic Information
Shops Memebeans
Connects to: Memebeans

Witt's Oakyard

Inhabitants Zombie Kids


Bosses The Countess and the King

The Infested Roadie

Quetzacostl is an Aztec themed grocery store located in Witt's Oakyard in the game. Memebeans is also located here.

Description and SpecialtiesEdit



  • Memebeans - The first area of the grocery store. You can


  • Cobalt Drum Key - Photograph the T on the wall between the 2 Tiki Signs. This should be after the wave of enemies following the Enemies in shopping carts.


  • Quetzacostl is a play on "Quetzacoatl," a name of an Aztec god.
  • Some of the Aztec cutouts and stoneheads can be collected as props with the Silver Hammer if you break them during battle.
  • Memebeans has a lot of internet culture references, such as:
    • The use of the 'Impact' font. This is a reference to internet Image Macros.
    • The picture of a knee that's been shot through by an arrow. This is a reference to Skyrim's "Arrow to the knee" joke.
    • The picture of a happy face on a radiant, rainbow colored background with captions on the top and the bottom of the image. This is a reference to the internet Advice Animal.
    • The picture of Leonardo DiCaprio from a scene in the movie, Inception. This is a reference to the movie's famous scene "We need to go deeper."