The Sceniverse
Basic Information
Shops None
Connects to: Art Street Cinema
Inhabitants Alternabands
  • The Other Charlie
  • Emo Band
  • Halloween Band
Bosses None

The Sceniverse is an alternate universe where the player can unlock the alternate versions of the band. You can only enter the Sceniverse once you defeat the Twin Scenelords in the Art Street Cinema.


James Silva's description of the Sceniverse:

"The Sceniverse is basically a multiverse of scenes. You know how in the multiverse, you’d fully expect to find copies of yourself as millionaires or karaoke hustlers? Well, swap out millionaires and karaoke hustlers for armor-clad banjo-core bassists and two hundred foot golem saxophonists, and you understand the Sceniverse."


Alternabands are alternate bands you can unlock by beating the Twin Scenelords, these are:

  • The Other Charlie (Ice band) - Normal Mode
  • Emo band - Chaos Mode
  • Halloween band - Total Anarchy Mode

Once you have unlocked the alternate band for a certain difficulty, you will find the you cannot fight the Twin Scenelords nor enter the Sceniverse again in that difficulty regardless of which character you use.