Shirts are a type of clothing in Charlie Murder that are worn on the torso of the character. Shirts give specific stat boosts and extra abilities when equipped like hats and gloves.

List of Stats and Abilities grantedEdit

All shirts give a Defense boost. Aside from that, here is a list of extra abilities the player can also receive:

  • Fire Resist: Resist immolation. Successful counter immolates your attacker
  • Thunder Resist: Resist electrocution. Successful counter electrocutes your attacker
  • Acid Resist: Resist corruption. Successful counter corrupts your attacker
  • Poison Resist: Resist poison. Successful counter poisons your attacker
  • Block to Cooldown: Blocking attacks increases the rate at which your Anar-chi slots cooldown (recharge.)
  • Shockwave Falldown: Getting knocked down releases an elemental shockwave.
  • Shockwave Counter: Successfully counter to release an elemental shockwave.


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