The Silver Hammer is a special relic that can be obtained in Apartment 51.


To obtain the Silver Hammer, the player must head into the first room in Apartment 51 and move towards the left side of the screen. There will be a small portrait with a hammer up on the wall. Take a picture of this and the Silver Hammer is yours.

Uses: The Silver Hammer is the only way to collect items from the outside world and to place it in the player's apartment as "props." Simply smash items such as a barrel, a couch, or an arcade machine to turn it into a collectible, and drop it in the apartment.

List of Collectable ItemsEdit

Item Location Conditions
Broken Support Beams and Speakers Bullet Hell Hall Has to be broken during your fight with King Tepes with the Silver Hammer equiped
Bloody tables Hallow Sage's appartment Break it during your fight against the Hallow Sage with the Silver Hammer equiped

Brick Blockers (can't be reached)

Witt's Oakyard to Direblade Plaza Equip the Silver Hammer during the shopping cart minigame. They turn to props, but can't seem be reached
Sceniverse Crystal Sceniverse Equip the Silver Hammer
Sofa Apartment 51 Equip the Silver Hammer
Chairs, Lamps and Tables ProtoCoffee at the right of Mallrus Equip the Silver Hammer
Broken Ambulance and Police Car Front of Mallrus Equip the Silver Hammer
Shopping Carts Front of Mallrus Equip the Silver Hammer
Aztec Standee and Stonehead Somewhere in Quetzacostl Equip the Siver Hammer and break them during battle
Fan Memorial Boards Mallrus Equip the Silver Hammer
Brown Arcade The Sasquatch Museum Equip the Silver Hammer
Broken Support Beams and Computer Quetazacostl, Witt's Oakyard Break them during the fight with Circe Bathory and King Tepes with the Silver Hammer equiped
Treasure Chest Hurder Burger in O'Flanagan's Alley Defeat The Baffled Homunculus and destroy the chest that appears with the Silver Hammer equipped


  • The Silver Hammer must be equipped to turn things into collectibles
  • Not all items can be turned into a collectible; most items will just get smashed
  • Only certain items in the world turn to collectibles. (i.e. The couch in the basement of Gor Castle does not turn into a collectible, but the couch in Apartment 51's lobby does.)
  • According to Ska Studios, even they don't know which items are collectable since it apparently depends on the game engine.

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