The Dishwasher Wiki. Anybody here up for the challenge? Edit

Hey guys, seeing how you're all wanting to contribute to this wiki, I'm assuming you guys are all Ska Studios fans, right? Those people who've been around the xbox live arcade scene for quite a while already should know by now the big hit Ska Studios developed before Charlie Murder: The Dishwasher series. Anyone here willing to start off a Dishwasher wiki? After the whole Charlie Murder wiki itself gets on track, of course.

Onion Syrup (talk) 08:39, June 23, 2014 (UTC)Onion Syrup

Reason for Absence Edit

Yo! Wiki administrator, Onion Syrup, here. If none of you have noticed, I was very active during early June 2015 doing non-stop edtting for about 9-days. This came to an abrupt stop because my laptop suddenly broke, and now that I have it fixed I have my academics to worry about. I still plan to edit on the wiki but it might be rare when I do, for IRL reasons. So if you're a fan of Charlie Murder and you see some way you can help in the wiki, please do! This wiki is a small community and we welcome any help you can give!

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