The baffled homungulus
The Baffled Homunculus is an optional Boss found in Hurder Burger at O'flanagan's Alley. The player will need to throw ingredients into a burger machine in order to summon him.


The Baffled Homunculus is a half-man half-burger abomination the player can make. He appears to be very suicidal until the point where you beat him like a maniac. He consistently screams "kill me" and then has the guile to ask "why are you attacking me".

Beating him will result in him running to the right of the screen where there seems to be a wall of buzz-saws jumping into it to kill himself. His death is apparently so grotesque the game had to censor it with a black block.


To summon this fine piece of work, you need to throw the right ingredient in the right order into the machine at the right of the room. The recipe is:

  1. Breadstick
  2. Tomato
  3. Onion
  4. Lettuce
  5. Meat
  6. Breadstick

The Baffled Homunculus may appear reluctant to fight, but he can prove to be a slippery challenge in Chaos and Total Anarchy mode. He will run around the whole time, flailing and occasionally kicking at the player. His reluctance to stay still makes it difficult to land long brutal punishments on him, especially with the wave after wave of ninjas and occasional ninja warlords that back him up.

Using air combos make him unable to kick you, but at the same time air combos make it difficult for you to keep up with him once he starts running away from a certain spot.

Anar-chi's are best used when he can be caught standing still, obviously. The best way to land anar-chi on him is to excel at using the counter skill; you can hit him right in the face almost everytime he kicks.


  • Sometimes, after the baffled homunculus jumps over to the razor sharp sawblades, his head will bounce far enough to the left for the player to be able to pick it up. If the player is using Tommy, they can pick up the head and make a totem pole.
  • The chest that appears after the battle can be turned into a prop with the Silver Hammer . Breaking the chest while displayed as a prop still drops money, loot and turns back into a collectable. Most of the loot it drops is useless so it's best to sell them, making this a method of making quick money.