The Chained Monstrosity

The Chained Monstrosity's banner

The Chained Monstrosity is an optional boss encountered in the sewers of Direblade Plaza. He holds Smockula's Tooth.


The Chained Monstrosity is a large walking pile of bloody flesh wrapped tight in strong metal chains and barbed wires lurking in the rat-infested sewers of Direblade plaza.


The Chained Monstrosity will prove to be an intermediate challenge, much easier even if the player decided to equip their character's attack based Anar-chi. If not unlocked yet, these can be found in the Mallrus tattoo shop.

The Chained Monstrosity's backup are a bunch of giant rats. These foes will prove to be a problem since they're nimble biters. Fortunately there are multiple sledgehammers and other sorts of weapons lying around the area for the player to use against both the boss and his minions.

The Chained Monstrosity's main attack that makes him more distinct than every other boss is the one where he jumps in the air and lands with a smash, lashing a long piece of his chains at the player. The best way to not get hit at all by this move is to keep moving, especially vertically. Using a sledgehammer against the rats or getting bitten by a rat makes avoiding the chain difficult.

Keep moving, use your strongest anar-chi, and use the weapons lying around the stage to lay waste to this abomination. Fortunately this enemy doesn't need to be finished off; his rats would have made it difficult.


  • Two more Chained Monstrosities make an appearance in the Fall as mini-bosses. Since they are mini-bosses, they will be susceptible to debilitating status effects.