The fall exterior

The Fall's exterior as seen in a flashback

The Fall is a punk rock themed nightclub where the most crucial element of the game's backstory focuses around.


Each flashback to the game's backstory will start off as being a set amount of time "Before the Fall".

Charlie and his band were performing at this nightclub when Lord Mortimer makes his first strike against them.
Charlie Murder inside the Fall

The Fall's interior. As seen in the Flashback

Sending in his demonic henchmen to douse the place with gasoline during the band's performance of the song For Yr Pain. Reacting with Charlie Murder's pyrotechnics display, the club was quickly engulfed in flames, injuring many people.

Charlie Murder is blamed for the disaster, which ruins the band's image, effectively ending the band's career. Drunk and despondent afterwards, they were easily picked off by Lord Mortimer and Gore Quaffer.


  • The Nightlub's sign uses the Anarchy symbol for the letter "A". The emblem has been popular with the punk rock scene since the music genre was invented.
  • Seeing as how Charlie and his band were blamed for the fire, one could presume that Mortimer's hench demons were invisible to everyone there. The bartender clearly does not notice them even as they were right in front of him.
  • "The Fall" has more than one relevent meaning to the game. Not only is it the name of the nightclub, it's also an allusion to the Fall of Lucifer from grace due to his pride according to Judeo-Christian folklore. Charlie Murder has also fallen from grace, not just because of the debacle at the club, but because they became prideful due to their success.

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