Gory Mound

The Gory Mound

The Gory Mound is an optional boss found in the Derelict Crypt, located in St. Sander's Cemetery and is one of the bearers of Smockula's body parts. The Gory Mound holds Smockula's heart.


The Gory Mound will most likely be the first 'goliath' enemy the player will face in the game. As such, he wields a large melee weapon that deals damage in a wide range and will occassionally tackle the player to the ground in which you have to break free.

Gory Mound with baby

The Gory Mound cradling one of his infant corpses

isn't impossible to make the Gory Mound flinch, or even to make him fall to the ground. He's slow so it's best to use your speed to your advantage.

The Gory Mound must be finished off. He will have a backup of zombies so finishing him off might not go as smooth as it should.


  • There are low-level enemies found in Mallrus that look similar to the Gory Mound, though smaller, skinnier and faster.