The Lady in Tatters

The Lady is scarier when you don't see her

The Lady in Tatters is a boss that the player will encounter at the end of Peaceful Oaks Asylum after the player escapes the "saw reference."


The Lady in Tatters will make her appearance by materializing out of nowhere and biting the head of the player's captor off with her razor sharp teeth after grabbing the helpless disabled villain with her long fingers adorned with blood-red nails. She has an evil grin plastered on her face with pitch-black eyes to see you with.


As terrifying the Lady in Tatters looks, she is not as difficult a fight as she would lead you to believe. The biggest challenge in the fight against her is knowing where she could be as she tends to vanish from time to time. This will not be a problem when the player has afflicted a sort of debilitating status effect on her; bleed and poison will help the player point out where she could be.

She also has the least amount of health, and flinches the most compared to the other bosses. Nevertheless be cautious because if she catches the player off guard she will take a bite at the player and take a huge portion of health along with it.


  • The torture device you escape from before fighting the Lady in Tatters depends on the Character you're using:
    • Charlie/Kelly - Face torture device, has to dig into a dead body to find the key
    • Rex - Hand torture device, a shackled hand gets slowly pulled toward a saw
    • Lester - beartrap that consits of two wooden boards with spikes
    • WIP