Twin scenelords

The Twin Scenelords

The Twin Scenelords are the optional bosses found in Art Street Cinema. Beating them in each difficulty of the game will bring you to the Sceniverse to unlock an alternate band.


The twin scenelords are found in Art Street Cinema, which can only be accessed when the player has the Golden Ticket equipped.

Fighting them can prove to be a challenge in chaos and total anarchy. Each scenelord is capable of performing a rapid barrage that can leave the player with only 5% of their health if they aren't dead yet.

The scenelords must be fought in a pattern: when the screen turns dark, hit the dark scenelord, and the light scenelord otherwise. If not followed, the player will realize that the scenelords will seem to not run out of health, because each hit not in the right zone heals the scenelords.


  • Their faces are a creepy dark parody of the masks Melpomene (Tragedy), and Thalia (Comedy) that have come to represent acting.
  • Their music sounds like an antique phonograph playing a scratchy old record. It cannot be found in Ska Studios' OST album.