Hey there y'all wiki contributors and visitors. First of all I'm just real happy to see that we were able to give this more or less obscure indie game a decent wiki despite only having a few hands and heads with us. I'm not the creator of the wiki but I am the adopter, and in my position I'd just like to tell every one of you good job and thanks for sticking through up until this point. With that out of the way, time for the grim news:

As the title says it, my Xbox bricked on me. Red Ring of Death. I press the power button, it'll boot for a couple of seconds (a couple of minutes if I'm lucky,) then the green light would be replaced by a red one and the whole thing practically dies. It's sad. I was planning to buy The Dishwasher Dead Samurai so I could get started on the Dishwasher Wiki, but now I can't even research and continue working on the Charlie Murder Wiki. Well, I can by watching all the multiple let's plays and boss fights posted on Youtube, but I can't do the more specific data I want to cover like the texts the player receives from Professor Thurgood, or even the Angel of Chaos.

But yeah, with this misfortune, I'm afraid to say that the (relatively) more intricate and in depth articles will have to wait for quite a while. At least until I can get my 360 to someone who can fix it or to buy myself an Xbox One. I'm crossing my fingers over here for some brave lads and lasses in this tiny community to rise up to the challenge and document while I'm incapable.

Of course, this doesn't mean I won't be contributing to the wiki in the time my Xbox is bricked. I could still maintain the site and maybe I can actually start inputting more intricate codes and templates to spruce up the whole place in general. See you around guys and girls, and thank you for reading this blog post from a humble and grateful admin!