Vlad the Eternally Cold

Vlad paying his respects

Vlad the Eternally Cold is the boss encountered in the Fall. This makes him the final regular boss in the game before going against Lord Mortimer.


The player will encounter Vlad on the dance floor of The Fall. He is a man with a mask and tuxedo. The fangs protruding from his mouth suggests he is a vampire.

Vlad, as his name will imply, has mainly ice or frost based attacks, which can be used at long range. It is difficult to make him flinch, and with a high attack stat, constant movement is your best strategy. However, with a high attack, Vlad has a low defense stat. This makes Anar-chi and Team Attacks your best choice. Use them well, since getting a 20 hit combo will be a challenge.


Vlad will prove to be a very annoying enemy along with his axe wielding minotaurs and gun-toting military. He is the only foe in the game with the ability to freeze the player.


Notes Edit

  • Like King Tepes, Vlad is also named after Vlad Tepes, (AKA Vlad the Impaler, Vlad Dracul) the vicious real-life Bavarian prince historically renowned for his cruelty and the basis for Bram Stoker's novel "Dracula".
  • Vlad is the most polite out of all the bosses, as upon his entrance, he will bow.
  • When reaching a certain level of health, Vlad's mask will shift to the side, revealing his face. A second after, it will be shifted back on.
  • Since he is implied to be a vampire, having a bag of oregano, a random drop relic that "protects you from vampires," equipped should affect his status, most notable one being the decrease in the damage you receive from his attacks.

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