Witches are one of the low level enemies in the game. They initially appear in Hurder Burger before showing up in a plethora of other places.


Witches in the game look very similar to the stereotypical witches of folklore. They don black clothing, pointy hats, and fly on a broom. All witches in the game look the same with red hair. One stark difference from the stereotype is they carry a .45 caliber pistol with them. Most, if not all witches carry pistols, through they can't be seen until they are used once. Rarely ever will a witch be seen off of their broom, unless affected by the player. If affected by the player and left alone, a witch is able to hop back on her broom. If the broom has been broken, they can flip into the air and spawn another to land on. Witches can be heard offscreen, hinting toward their presence. Witches can be grabbed, but only for half a second as they will immediately kick themselves away from the player.