Wretch of Lights

Wretch of Lights, about to strike with his electrifying claw

The Wretch of Lights is the boss the player must face near the end of the Mallrus level, in between the second and third memorial boards.


The player will travel through the back of Mallrus, passing by a section of the mall riddled with shelves full of television and computer screens. One of the monitors, on the floor, had horns. As soon as the player gets close enough, the monitor begins to sprout legs, a torso, then arms with claws eminating arcs of electricity from them. The Wretch of Lights is an electricity-based demon.


The Wretch of Lights is actually relatively easy to defeat, being highly susceptible to flinching. The player can easily use his minions and his slow speed against him. His main attack is to strike down at the player with his electric claws. This attack has a shockwave effect on the ground and since it comes from above, cannot be avoided by using air combos in the air. While this may seem troublesome, the attack itself is slow enough for the player to get out of the way before it hits them.

The Wretch of Light's backup possesses a good number of pyromaniacs. The dropped flamethrowers are a great choice for building up combos and flinching. Always take advantage of them whenever an enemy pops in with one. Flamethrowers and team attacks are all you need to obliterate the Wretch of Lights and its cohorts.


  • After beating the Wretch of Lights on a certain difficulty, revisiting the same area of the mall will still have the horned monitor on the floor, but the Wretch of Lights will not spawn.
  • It's possible to perform a one-hit kill on him with Poison Cyclone if he jumps into it, but getting this to occur requires precise timing.